Why European Integration Is Flatlining

Undeniably European integration experiences a moment of stagnation. Public media are additionally outdoing one another with negative predictions concerning European future while neglecting that people in Europe actually have a positive stance towards EU according to surveys. These surveys however doesn’t fit in with the negative story told about Europe by a lot of media. Negative messages sell.

Beyond that we see a confused and disoriented Germany lead by Angela Merkel in the evening sun of her governance. In fact she is only focused on lulling German public and strengthening German complacency. Merkel strictly ignored all proposals submitted by French president Emmanuel Macron. Her intransigency is all the more irritating, as she is supporting European unification in soap-box oratories.

Germany has meanwhile grown to a real stumbling block to any European progress. Depressing Merkel era is becoming a danger for the future of Europe. No matter what is happening, German politics is stepping on the brakes. It’s a disaster. We have to live with it in the years to come. Let’s hope that history opens timely a new chapter. Only a united Europe is able to assert oneself in 21. century.

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